Will it continue the Alitalia loyalty program?

No — the EU did not allow this. However, in a press release, ITA announced a “new loyalty program” that “can potentially be integrated with those of other industrial partners,” and which is “totally focused on the customer needs of flexibility and accessibility to flights.” There’s no sign yet of which alliance it’ll sign with, if any.
Who will design the uniforms?
That’s the question everyone wants to know, but ITA is keeping schtum — a spokesperson declined to share details with CNN. However, hold out hope that they’ll be decent — this is Italy, after all. In 2018, despite being bankrupt, Alitalia shelled out on a new uniform for crew designed by Alberta Ferretti. The ITA logo is certainly very chic.
What are the fares like?
Competitive. A return flight from JFK to Rome on dates we picked in November cost $498. That’s compared to $505 on Delta. Meanwhile, a trip from Milan to London was pricing at $98 roundtrip, compared to $120 on British Airways. For those willing to travel to airports further out than Heathrow, Ryanair was charging just $22 round-trip, and easyJet just $41. That short-haul competition will be the biggest challenge for ITA.
What’s the Covid-19 protocol?
ITA announced that all its staff must be vaccinated well before Italy made vaccination compulsory for workers across the country. Temperatures will be taken before the flight, and passengers must wear masks. No clothes can be stored in the overhead lockers, and people will be boarded in small groups.
The business-class lounges are currently closed, but those entitled to access will be given a coupon to use at airport food outlets.
ITA claims that thanks to HEPA filters, the air onboard is as sterile as an operating room, and is renewed every three minutes.
Will it survive?
That’s what everyone’s hoping to know, and the short-haul competition will be its biggest challenge. But with a new fleet, new energy, new leadership and no debts, this certainly has a better chance than Alitalia did. With just 16 Italian destinations and 22 further afield to start with, it is taking things one step at a time.,50157837.html,50158115.html

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