No Time To Die Releasing On VOD Next Week

No Time To Die is releasing on VOD next week, just a month after it debuted exclusively in theaters. Fans of the James Bond franchise waited a long time to see Daniel Craig’s final appearance as 007 on the big screen. No Time To Die was delayed multiple times due to COVID-19 as the studios involved with the film looked to find a release date that would best position the film for box office success. Cary Joji Fukunaga’s movie eventually landed on an October 2021 release date and proved to be worth the wait as No Time To Die earned very positive reviews.

The great reception of No Time To Die directly translated to the film being one of 2021’s biggest box office hits. Although the film disappointed domestically with a $55 million opening weekend, Craig’s swan song has been a huge success internationally. The overseas interest helped propel No Time To Die past $600M worldwide in its first month of release. This might not be as big of a haul as Spectre or Skyfall received, but the movie’s success is clear in a post-pandemic box office landscape. Still, there were likely plenty of fans who didn’t feel comfortable going to a theater yet to see the film and have been waiting for No Time To Die to be made available at home.

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It has now been revealed that No Time To Die is releasing on Video on Demand (VOD) next week. Screen Rant writer Cade Onder shared a screenshot of a YouTube ad that confirmed No Time To Die’s VOD release date is November 9. It is not confirmed what the price will be to watch No Time To Die at home or if the VOD option will allow fans to purchase or simply rent the movie for a specific price. More details should be released soon once MGM, Eon, and Universal begin properly promoting No Time To Die’s VOD release.

Update: Screen Rant has confirmed No Time To Die’s VOD release date with United Artists Releasing.

This might seem like a quick turnaround for No Time To Die to go from theaters to VOD, but this is likely the result of Universal’s involvement. Eon and MGM (and Amazon now) are primarily involved in distributing No Time To Die and neither of them has made sweeping declarations about their plans for VOD releases moving forward. However, Universal is the international distributor and has a 31-day theatrical exclusivity window for all its films. No Time To Die could fall under this umbrella, which is how the November 9 VOD release is possible, as it will have been 32 days since the movie’s domestic release.

No Time To Die’s arrival on VOD should only help Daniel Craig’s final appearance as James Bond become a financial hit. The film is expected to be financially successful already after earning more than $600M worldwide at the box office. Even though studios still have to share a percentage of VOD sales with appropriate parties, No Time To Die’s VOD release will still allow the film to bring in more money as its theatrical run slows down. At the very least, it gives fans another opportunity to check out Daniel Craig’s excellent last 007 movie from the comfort of their own homes.,50787769.html

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