The Future Of Incandescent Bulbs Not So Bright

Although Congress defunded the January 1st bill, the federal law still exists and the incandescent light bulb may soon be a thing of the past. It’s a good thing Thomas Edison isn’t here to see these lights go out. New efficiency standards will gradually do away with his creation in favor of new technologies that consume at least 25 percent less energy.

Another factor in play here is that consumers want more energy efficient options. Starting January 1st, the 100-watt bulb will no longer be manufactured, then in January of 2013 the 75-watt version will be gone and in 2014, the 40-watt and 60-watt bulbs will be no more. Stores can still sell their remaining stock. They just won’t get any more to put on the shelves. When California implemented the standards last year, 100-watt bulbs were still available for a few months.

If you absolutely need to get a 100-watt bulb outside of California, Bill Hamilton of Home Depot says that they have enough stock to last them through June.

These old bulbs will be replaced primarily by LED technology, which is seeing amazing growth thanks to these new standards.,50805811.html

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