EHMA announces its next Annual General Assembly

“It goes without saying that 2020 has been the most challenging year of all times. While difficulties persist in 2021, we firmly believe in recovery and look forward to the relaunch of our sector”, says Ezio A. Indiani, EHMA President and GM Hotel Principe di Savoia Milan, “Since at the moment the situation is still very uncertain and unpredictable, with much regret the Management Council together with Giuseppe Rossi and the Swiss Organizing Committee have taken the difficult decision to postpone the event in presence in Lugano to next year and to hold instead the 47th annual General Meeting online on June 4th”.

“The situation in Canton Ticino is on its way to recovery: most of the hotels are open and we are working well with domestic tourism. Lugano is aware of the importance of this extraordinary EHMA event and wants to prepare itself to welcome at best the General Managers of many prestigious European Hotels. The LAC (the innovative Lugano Art and Culture Center) and the prestigious properties in Lugano represented by the Organizing Committee will be the host site of the EHMA Assembly, which is held every year in a different European location. The chosen theme is “It’s all about passion!” because it is only the passion for your work that allows you to overcome difficulties and motivates you to achieve great goals”, comments the President of the Organizing Committee, Giuseppe Rossi, GM of the Hotel Splendide Royal in Lugano. “Beyond the glamorous image, that of the Hotel General Manager is a complex profession, which has required an exceptional commitment in these difficult months”.

On June 4th, the 47th EHMA Annual General Assembly will thus be held online. After the members’ discussion of the official points in the agenda, the second part of the virtual meeting will also be open to the traditional partners of the Association and will see the presentation of 2021 EHMA awards (the Hotel Manager of the year and the Sustainability Award by Diversey) as well as of “Best Practices Covid 19 – Society Response”.

“The crisis will finish and the hospitality community will be as strong as ever to regain all it has lost in these terrible months. The ‘EHMA family’ stands together, keeping in touch via email and via Beekeeper, our internal communication app, until we will be able to shake hands again and to hug each other next year in Lugano! I am sure that our annual meeting in 2022 will be great and will capture all the positive energy that only EHMA General Managers and Partners can express”, concludes President Indiani.

The Organizing Committee EHMA Lugano 2022 is composed by Giuseppe Rossi (Chairman & GM Hotel Splendide Royal); Andrea Modesti (GM Swiss Diamond Hotel); Carlo Fontana (GM Hotel Lugano Dante Center); Barbara Gibellini (GM Villa Principe Leopoldo); Massimiliano Ferrara (RM Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola); Raimondo C. Sartorio (MD Parco San Marco Hotels & Beach Resort). With the precious support of Ivan Zorloni (GM Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola); Lorenzo Pianezzi (President HotellerieSuisse Ticino); Antonella Archidiacono (Sales&Marketing Manager Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola); Emanuele Di Pasquale (Sales&Marketing Manager Hotel Splendide Royal).,51148615.html






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