Flapper and Hotel Mari Mari partner to promote luxury tourism in Chile

The air mobility company Flapper, founded in Brazil and with operations in Chile since the end of 2020, established a partnership with Hotel Mari Mari Natural Reserve Experience, on the Patagonian coast, with an exclusive program that seeks to attract international travelers to experience luxury tourism in Chile.

The multinational air mobility company Flapper signed a partnership with Hotel Mari Mari Natural Reserve Experience in Chilean Patagonia, which seeks to promote international tourists’ access to the best luxury ecotourism in Chile. Both companies carried out an exclusive program designed for receptive tourism to attract foreigners to the Chilean Patagonia, historically considered the main tourist destination during the summer season between October and March.

Flapper, specialized in charter flights by plane and helicopter, will facilitate the transfer of tourists by executive plane from Brazil (or anywhere in the world) to Puerto Montt Airport, and then via private helicopter to Hotel Mari Mari, located on the beautiful coast of the Chilean Patagonia. Paul Malicki, CEO of Flapper, said, “We seek to form partnerships with luxury hotels that share the same customer segment as us, clients who seek exclusivity and customization in service delivery. This initiative joins a series of alliances that Flapper is creating in different countries with selected brands and related companies with the aim of bringing together and delivering benefits to its customers and to connect pairs of airports not available in commercial aviation.”

Malicki continues, “Without a doubt, we also seek to take advantage of the demand of Brazilian tourists who travel to Chile and who are looking for a program that is different from what they traditionally do in the country. Much is known about skiing in central Chile, but little about the benefits and first-rate tourism that can be experienced on the coast of the Chilean Patagonia in other seasons. Hotel Mari Mari is the perfect partner to introduce luxury Chilean ecotourism in Brazil, guided by Flapper’s knowledge of the main demands, expectations and needs of the Brazilian tourist.”

The exclusive program considers the flight by private plane from Sao Paulo to Puerto Montt and the helicopter flight to the hotel, accommodation in a private villa facing the sea, with hot tubs available at all times, all meals of the day and open bar, use of spa and massages. In addition, a helicopter flight at no cost over the region was included for this program as well as a picnic lunch, so that clients can observe the entire Hotel Mari Mari property from the skies.

Top-notch sustainable exclusivity
Hotel Mari Mari Natural Reserve Experience, located on an impressive stretch of coastline in Chilean Patagonia, is considered the leading luxury eco-resort in South America. This spectacular natural paradise is the setting for explorations on land or at sea, on foot or on horseback, by kayak, boat, or helicopter, with binoculars, hiking boots or snorkels, while providing the comforts and exquisite cuisine expected of a five-star resort.

Manuel Reyes, general manager of Hotel Mari Mari Natural Reserve, said, “Given its natural conditions of privacy and geographic isolation with more than 3,500 hectares of lands that present an enormous diversity of habitats, 21 kilometers of Pacific coast, sanitary protocols that allow operating with complete safety, along with its many activities and explorations available, in addition to its excellent gastronomy, Mari Mari Natural Reserve becomes the perfect alternative for those who seek to reconnect with their families and friends, and to feel again that we are one with nature, and create wonderful memories that will last forever.”

Reyes concluded, “Our alliance with Flapper allows us to face the post-pandemic scenario with innovative service and value proposals that complement each other to successfully generate a travel and adventure experience at the highest level of excellence and safety.”

Likewise, a stay at Mari Mari is as comfortable as it is adventurous. Embracing the spectacular beauty of the Chilean Patagonian coast, each of its oceanfront villas, including a primary residence, offers maximum comfort and privacy.

The perfect complement to this program is the flexibility presented by executive aviation, offering the possibility of taking off and landing from any airport and thus reaching remote destinations quickly, safely, and exclusively, thanks to several available aircraft, which adapt to the travel needs of each passenger. Thanks to this alliance, all customers who stay at Mari Mari and fly with Flapper will always have a 10% discount on the executive flight rate.,51149483.html–176017571/–176018815/

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