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Fact Or Fiction: Trey McNutt Is A Near Lock To Ohio State


Rivals national recruiting director Adam Gorney is joined by national recruiting analyst Greg Smith, national rankings director Adam Friedman and Paul Strelow of TigerIllustrated.com to tackle three topics and determine whether they believe each statement is FACT or FICTION.

1. Trey McNutt will take his visits but he’s a near lock to Ohio State.

Trey McNutt

Trey McNutt

Gorney’s take: FACT. Near lock might be a little too much but after a whole bunch of visits will happen – like USC this weekend – my guess is that Trey McNutt realizes that Ohio State has everything he’s looking for and he can continue the legacy there. The Buckeyes have done a phenomenal job pumping defensive backs into the NFL, they’re always national title contenders and the Cleveland (Ohio) Shaker Heights standout could do it all close to home where his parents could come see him play. There could be some intrigue in Los Angeles for NIL deals and the SEC is always a conference to watch but I think Ohio State is high up there.

Smith’s take: FICTION. When you look at the surface of this recruitment, it would seem that it’s a layup for Ohio State. McNutt is a talented in-state prospect that the Buckeyes want. He plays a position that the team historically puts into the NFL. His dad was a three-time letterwinner at Ohio State.

However, McNutt marches to the beat of his own drum. The dynamic playmaker has an official visit set with USC this weekend. He’s spoken highly of Georgia, Oregon and Texas A&M. It’s not going to surprise anyone if he does end up at Ohio State. But I certainly would not say it’s a lock to happen right now. I’d actually bet on the field against the Buckeyes here.



2. There are more than two five-star receivers in the 2025 class.

Jaime Ffrench

Jaime Ffrench (Greg Smith/Rivals.com)

Gorney’s take: FACT. There were five five-star receivers in the 2024 class and there could have been more because it was an incredibly loaded group and while I don’t think the 2025 crop is as good, there are probably more than two five-stars. Dakorien Moore is basically a lock as a five-star because he’s been so good and then there will be discussions about Winston Watkins Jr., and many others moving forward. I’d love to see more of Caleb Cunningham at national events, Jaime Ffrench is going to be in the conversation along with Vernell Brown, Dallas Wilson and others. My guess is we end up with three.

Friedman’s take: FACT. Dakorien Moore and Winston Watkins remain the only two five-stars in the 2025 class but my instinct is that there’s at least three and probably four in this class. Caleb Cunningham seems like he could be an exceptional talent on film and it would be great to get an up close look at him at some point before the rankings are final. Jaime Ffrench, Dallas Wilson, and Talyn Taylor are also tremendous prospects who are close to earning their fifth star as well.



Georgia and Ohio State are enticing but Clemson is the team to watch most for five-star OL David Sanders Jr.

David Sanders Jr.

David Sanders Jr. (Rivals.com)

Gorney’s take: FICTION. There is a very good chance David Sanders Jr. could end up at Clemson. He loves the culture there, how coach Dabo Swinney runs his program, he has developed a great relationship with position coach Matt Luke and he’s friendly with a lot of top targets. But I’m just not ready yet to say Clemson is the team to watch “most” in his recruitment because Ohio State and Georgia are making him a top priority and Tennessee could have the edge right now. Clemson is right there and it’s big he’s back on campus but this battle could go a lot longer.

Strelow’s take: FICTION. Clemson had the momentum early in the calendar year, but when Sanders arranged a return trip to Tennessee in early April for a second weekend in a row, it signaled a strong turn of the tide. A lot of noise followed subsequent trips to Ohio State, Georgia and Nebraska, but our intel has pointed to the Vols retaining a decided advantage regardless. Tennessee is the team to beat going through the official visit stretch.


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