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Marcelo Gallardo’s €30M Farewell From Al Ittihad Shocks Football World


In a move that has sent ripples through the footballing community, Marcelo Gallardo’s tenure as the head coach of Saudi Arabian club Al Ittihad has come to an abrupt end.

Following a season that fell short of expectations, the club has agreed to a record-breaking €30 million settlement to part ways with the Argentine tactician.

Gallardo, renowned for his successful stint with River Plate, where he secured multiple Copa Libertadores titles, was brought in to elevate Al Ittihad to new heights.

However, the club’s aspirations for glory were met with a stark reality as they failed to qualify for the Asian Champions League, leading to Gallardo’s dismissal.

Al Ittihad’s season can only be described as dismal, with the team’s performance not aligning with the high-profile signings and the investment made.

Gallardo, who was expected to replicate his River Plate success, found the Saudi Pro League to be a different challenge altogether.

Despite the unfortunate end to his stint at Al Ittihad, Gallardo’s financial takeaway is substantial.

The €30 million settlement for half a year’s work has been the subject of much discussion, with some suggesting that being a sacked football manager is becoming as lucrative as some of the best-paid jobs in sports.

For Al Ittihad, the search for a new coach who can fulfill their lofty ambitions begins anew. As for Gallardo, this payout may serve as a cushion as he considers his next move in the world of football management.

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