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Regional sports networks pose another challenge. Make sure your team’s games will be available on whatever streaming service you choose. The former Fox Sports regional networks (now known as Bally Sports) have been dropped by many of the streaming services listed below.,49011085.html

If you want to watch a specific team’s full season, head over to the official team website for viewing options.


Parents who raise ‘smart, well-rounded’ kids always avoid these 4 phrases, says tech education expert

Daniel Craig may command eight-figure Hollywood paychecks — including a reported $25 million to reprise the role of James Bond in the upcoming “No Time To Die” and a reported $100 million to appear in the sequels to 2019′s “Knives Out” — but the 53-year-old actor isn’t planning on sharing much of it with his children.

In the most recent issue of Candis Magazine, Craig detailed his philosophy on inheritance, saying he doesn’t plan to have much money left to give to his children by the time he dies.

“Isn’t there an old adage that if you die a rich person, you’ve failed?” Craig said in the interview, according to the Times of London. “I think Andrew Carnegie gave away what in today’s money would be about $11 billion, which shows how rich he was because I’ll bet he kept some of it, too.”

Craig says that he finds it “distasteful” to leave heirs massive amounts of money. He has two children, a 29-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old daughter. His wife, actor Rachel Weisz, also has a teenage son.

“My philosophy is get rid of it or give it away before you go,” Craig said.

A representative for Craig did not immediately respond to CNBC Make It’s request for comment.

The Hollywood star is far from the first person to publicly declare that their children would not be receiving a significant portion of their wealth. Investor Warren Buffett — whose fortune sits at more than $100 billion — recently reiterated his long-held belief that his “incomprehensible” net worth would be better spent going toward philanthropic causes than into his kids’ investment portfolios.

“After much observation of super-wealthy families, here’s my recommendation: Leave the children enough so that they can do anything, but not enough that they can do nothing,” he said in a note to shareholders, adding that his own adult children “pursue philanthropic efforts that involve both money and time.”


Ramiz Raja joins race for PCB top slot: sources

LAHORE: Former Test captain-turned commentator Rameez Raja has emerged as the front runner for the top slot of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), said well-informed sources.

According to a report published in Geo News, PCB’s incumbent Chairman Ehsan Mani’s three-year term as the head of the sports body is ending on September 18.

The sources privy to the development said that Prime Minister Imran Khan — who is also the patron in chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) — will recommend two names to the governing board for the coveted post in the next few days.

Ehsan Mani and Asad Ali Khan are the representatives of the prime minister in the PCB governing board. Reports circulating claimed that Rameez Raja will replace Ehsan Mani.

Mani rejects rumours about his resignation

On May 31, PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani had debunked rumours of forwarding his resignation to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Responding to a question related to former Test wicketkeeper Rashid Latif’s tweet about his resignation’s submission with the prime minister, Mani had replied: “[The news] is made up by Rashid Latif.”

Later talking to The News, the PCB Director Media Sami Burni clarified that there was no degree of truth in such news.


Oval Invincibles’ Capsey said: ‘I’m about to cry

Oval Invincibles have been crowned the first women’s champions of The Hundred after Marizanne Kapp produced a brilliant performance to help the side thrash Southern Brave in a one-sided final at Lord’s.

South African all-rounder Kapp starred with bat and ball as Oval Invincibles beat Southern Brave by 48 runs in the first ever women’s Hundred final.

The 31-year-old hit 26 from 14 balls as the Invincibles posted 121-6, with fellow Proteas star Dane van Niekerk also scoring 26 and Alice Capsey making 18 from 12 balls.

Kapp then took three wickets in the first 10 balls of Brave’s innings as the group leaders slipped to 2-3.–ugas-fight/–pacquiao-vs-ugas-free/–ugas-live-streams/

That became 14-6 and 29-7 as Oval Invincibles blew Southern Brave away, eventually bowling former England captain Charlotte Edwards’ side out for 73.

Current England skipper Heather Knight, commentating on the final for the BBC, said: ‘It was almost the perfect performance by Oval Invincibles. Marizanne Kapp set the tone in the first 10 balls. I feel sorry for Southern Brave because they just didn’t turn up.

Manchester Originals star Alex Hartley added: ‘This is not how Southern Brave would have wanted to go about their cricket today.

Oval Invincibles dominated the women’s final, beating Southern Brave by 48 runs
Oval Invincibles dominated the women’s final, beating Southern Brave by 48 runs (Picture: Getty)
‘The pressure of the occasion may have got too much for them. The Oval Invincibles, coming in with a bit of momentum, absolutely dominated today.’

Oval Invincibles finished second in the Hundred group table with four wins from their seven completed matches, before beating Birmingham Phoenix in the eliminator on Friday night to reach the final.

They appeared to be heading to defeat at one stage against Phoenix but they dominated the final against Brave throughout.

Oval Invincibles’ Capsey said: ‘I’m about to cry – I’m lost for words. You dream of getting here, but to win it, is a feeling that you don’t feel often.

‘My mum and dad are here – it’ll be nice to go and see them shortly. It has been incredible.

‘To play in the tournament with players like Marizanne Kapp and Dane van Niekerk has been amazing and I’ve learned so much. There’s exciting times ahead.’

Player of the match Kapp added: ‘I’m really happy that I’ve been able to contribute after missing a couple of games.

‘I’d felt like I’d let the team down missing those games so it was nice to take a couple of wickets today. As soon as I saw the first ball moving I knew I was in with a shot today.

‘I thought we were 10-15 runs short at the halfway point, so I knew that we needed to get wickets, that is why I asked for the second slip.’


Democrat Stansbury Keeps New

If you’re a well-rounded sports fan and want to watch live sports from all the major leagues, you’ll need an option that offers the broadest coverage. Subscribing to multiple individual-sport streaming services adds up quickly, and you could wind up spending more than cable would have cost in the first place. Even so, many of the options that pair sports networks with other TV channels can get expensive fast.,49005843.html

You might hope you can get live sports streaming for free, and you can. However, many of the “free” sports streaming sites require you to have cable or a subscription to a partner sports streaming service, so they really are not as free as they sound. The truly free options are often sketchy; you may need to use a VPN and take some not-quite-legal steps to get access. We do not recommend this approach.


Netflix: The Best New TV Shows & Movies This Weekend (August 20)

With the success of the ongoing Creed franchise, Sylvester Stallone has proven there’s still an appetite for Rocky spin-offs. After appearing in no less than eight movies as the titular boxing superstar, Stallone could be forgiven for wanting to pursue other projects. However, after a succession of tantalizing interviews and statements, it seems like there is still plenty of potential left in the story.

The popular franchise began in 1976, with the critically and commercially acclaimed Rocky. Despite being made for a paltry budget of just over $1 million, the movie shattered all expectations, grossing over $200 million at the box office and netting Stallone Academy Award nominations for both Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. Further entries in the series, including 2015’s Creed, have been met with similar acclaim, cementing the Rocky saga’s legacy as one of the all-time great sports movie franchises.


After the successful release of Creed 2 in 2018, speculation has been rife over what the future may hold for the series. However, despite Creed 3’s ongoing development and prospective November 2022 release date, fans have been left in the dark over the future of Stallone’s character. In fact, the actor has confirmed that he will not be appearing in the follow-up, fueling conjecture over where Rocky might go next.

Sylvester Stallone Michael B Jordan Creed Rocky
Stallone’s absence from Creed 3 might suggest that he’s done with the franchise. However, he has also confirmed his interest in reprising his mentor role in a future Rocky installment, explicitly revealing that he would like the character to mentor an illegal immigrant fighter. In a detailed Q&A at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019 (via The Guardian), for instance, Stallone enthusiastically declared: “I have a great idea for Rocky. He finds this fella who’s in the country illegally and it becomes a whole thing. It would be really phenomenal, really different.”

On the surface, this seems like pretty compelling evidence that Stallone is not planning on fully retiring quite yet. However, it’s important to take this statement with a grain of salt. Beyond the mooted immigrant plot, Stallone has also used social media to hint at a Rocky prequel series, writing on Instagram in March 2021: “I started out this morning by writing a treatment for a Rocky prequel For streaming. Ideally 10 episodes for a few seasons to really get to the heart of the Characters in there [sic.] younger years.”

Given the wealth of information and theories swirling about Stallone’s future involvement in the series, it’s difficult to say with any certainty whether his Rocky spin-off will actually happen. What is clear from Stallone’s statements, however, is that he remains just as passionate about the character as ever, despite his forthcoming absence from Creed 3. With this creative commitment and interest in future projects, it seems unlikely that fans have seen the last of Rocky Balboa in some form or other.


Why Ironheart Will Be In Black Panther 2

Why will Dominique Thorne’s Riri Williams debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever before appearing in her own Disney+ solo series, Ironheart? Ever since Tony Stark snapped himself into an early retirement during the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, fans have wondered who his Iron Man successor will be. While many were hoping Don Cheadle’s Rhodey might graduate from War Machine to Iron Man 2.0, others wanted Ironheart to take up the mantle. Sure enough, a December 2020 announcement from Kevin Feige confirmed Dominique Thorne would play Williams in an Ironheart Disney+ TV show.

In the Marvel comic books, Riri Williams is a child genius, isolated from other kids her age due to her far superior mind. Riri eventually earned an M.I.T. scholarship, which is where she begins reverse-engineering a stolen Iron Man suit to create her own superhero armor. Tony Stark (who’s only retired, not dead here) catches wind of Riri’s activities and gives his blessing for her to adopt the Ironheart name. As per the latest MCU updates, however, Dominique Thorne will now debut in Black Panther 2.

MCU Phase 4 Is Both Iron Man’s Dream & Tony Stark’s Nightmare

In the Marvel comics, Riri Williams does have a loose connection to the land of Wakanda. She visits Black Panther’s country to locate the Wellspring of Power, and defeats the Ten Rings as they attempt to hijack this magic source for themselves. Riri becomes a friend of Wakanda, and of Shuri in particular, and later helps develop the country’s space force. These events obviously transpire after Riri Williams establishes herself as Ironheart, so her Black Panther involvement will likely be different in the MCU.

Riri Williams touching the Ironheart armor
Riri’s presence in Wakanda Forever might have more to do with the outreach program T’Challa started at the end of Black Panther. The project was designed to share Wakanda’s advanced technology with the rest of the world. Since Riri Williams is a misunderstood child prodigy, Wakanda’s scientists may recognize Riri’s talent and nurture her abilities, perhaps by funding her scholarship to M.I.T., or maybe allowing access to Wakandan technology because her intellect is too advanced for anything else. Mirroring their relationship in the comic books, it’s easy to imagine Shuri taking Riri as somewhat of an MCU protégé – another unparalleled scientific mind in a male-dominated field. The duo could even take Tony Stark and Bruce Banner’s joint crown as the “science sisters.”

This sets up Riri’s superhero transformation ahead of her arrival on Disney+. Black Panther 2 introduces the character and explains how she gets her hands on the technology necessary to create Ironheart’s armor. A post-credits scene could give a brief glimpse of Dominique Thorne activating her costume for the first time, meaning she’d already be an active superhero by the time Ironheart rolls onto Disney+. Given everything else going on in the sequel, it’s unlikely that Wakanda Forever would go so far as to show Ironheart in full swing, but Riri Williams’ big screen appearance can at least cover her origin story.

Debuting new characters in unexpected places is becoming common practice for the MCU – especially when it comes to the young Avengers. Yelena Belova was introduced in Black Widow ahead of her Hawkeye role, Ms. Marvel gets her own TV show ahead of a cinematic turn in The Marvels, and WandaVision told Spectrum’s story before her scheduled appearance also in The Marvels. Villains are getting in on the act too, with Jonathan Majors’ Kang (sort of) dropping by for Loki ahead of Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania. Using Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to pave the way for Riri Williams’ Ironheart transformation is just the latest example of Disney stretching its multi-platform muscles.


Star Wars Rewrites Jabba’s History (and Makes Him Less Cool)

The original actor who portrayed a human Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars has been made canon. Jabba’s forgotten counterpart first appeared in a deleted scene from A New Hope, but several decades later, he has returned.

For many years, the existence of a human version of Jabba the Hutt was a relatively deep cut, as the original iteration of Star Wars has been famously lost with time. When the saga was rereleased, George Lucas reincorporated the deleted scene featuring actor Declan Mulholland in the role of the gangster. At the time, Lucas hadn’t conceptualized the large slug that fans know today. Since the scene was reincorporated into the film, the crime boss was covered by a CG version of Jabba from Return of the Jedi. Despite being omitted multiple times from the original Star Wars, Mulholland’s part in the saga has been given a nod in Star Wars #16 written by Charles Soule with art by Ramon Rosanas.

The human version of Jabba the Hutt has a cameo aboard a gang ship that’s been invited by Crimson Dawn to the auction of Han Solo. While Luke Skywalker is chased by TIE Fighters in his X-Wing, he flies past the ship belonging to the familiar faced gangster. Leading a group known as the Dark Syndicate, the man who resembles the first iteration of Jabba seems to be a crime lord in his second life as well. He appears to dislike the Empire just as much as the rebels, but doesn’t want to exert the energy to fight back. When Luke leads the TIE Fighters to crash into the Dark Syndicate’s vessel, he seems satisfied enough to play a part in their loss. “Well waddaya know? A few Imperial shots happened to hit our hull. Good enough for me. End these blasted buckethead imps.”

Not many characters in the Star Wars galaxy make a fur vest work like the human Hutt. Although he isn’t named, an alternate version of Declan Mulholland’s take on the gangster has been renamed before in an audio play adaptation of A New Hope. Dialogue which previously belonged to Jabba the Hutt was ascribed to a character called “Heater,” as he confronted Han at the spaceport. If he were to show up again in a partnership with Crimson Dawn, it would be an additionally fun nod for the name to resurface.

As the War of the Bounty Hunters continues, it’s perfect timing for Mulholland’s likeness to be incorporated into the event. The Empire, the rebels, Crimson Dawn, the Hutts, and a wide selection of bounty hunters are chasing after the carbonite encased body of Han Solo. Although the footage of Mulholland’s Jabba the Hutt was never used in the original cut of Star Wars, it makes sense that the man who first chased down the smuggler would join the search for Han.


Black Widow: All Easter Eggs, MCU Connections & Hidden Details

Marvel’s Black Widow is now available for digital release, and here’s all you need to know about the film’s nine deleted scenes. Set during the end of Captain America: Civil War, Cate Shortland’s Black Widow introduced viewers to Natasha Romanoff’s first family – and set up the future of the Black Widow franchise.

While Black Widow was released on Disney+’s Premier Access model, that didn’t include any deleted scenes. Marvel has saved those for the digital and home releases, which feature eight deleted scenes and an alternate ending. It’s always fascinating to get a look at Marvel’s deleted scenes, to figure out how the story would have been subtly different had they been kept. .

In some cases, it’s easy to see why Black Widow’s were cut, because they don’t add much to the story; others should really have been kept, while the alternate ending is far stronger than the one Marvel ultimately went with. So here’s a guide to all Black Widow’s deleted scenes, along with an assessment of how they would have affected the film’s overarching narrative.

Grocery Shopping

The first Black Widow deleted scene, called “Grocery Shopping,” is a brief clip that shows Natasha hiding out in Norway. She pays a visit to a grocery store, before traveling back to her safe house; the store’s radio happens to be running a news bulletin talking about Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff being on the run. It’s clearly intended to serve as a reminder of just how committed the world’s security forces are to tracking Black Widow down, while the shots of Norway’s scenery are absolutely stunning. Ultimately, though, this doesn’t add anything essential to the film’s plot, and it would simply have slowed the pace down. It’s easy to see why “Grocery Shopping” was cut.

Black widow wasted Taskmaster Fighting abilities
The “Smile” deleted scene is an extended version of Taskmaster’s introduction, and it serves to set up the scale of General Dreykov’s ongoing Black Widow operation before showing Taskmaster studying footage from Natasha in Captain America: Civil War. It was probably intended to emphasize the idea Taskmaster has been studying the Avengers for some time, while Dreykov’s access to security camera footage from the airport battle underscores his power and influence. Again, this is a sensible cut, as it doesn’t add much to the story and simply slows the pace. The Black Widows would be explored far more effectively in the film’s third act.

Bike Chase
Black Widow Budapest
Another very short clip, “Bike Chase” is a slight extension of the scene where Natasha and Yelena attempt to escape Taskmaster and her Black Widows; Natasha drives the bike into what Yelena dubs a “cage,” with the Avenger complaining the building wasn’t there eight years ago when Black Widow was last in Budapest – before driving up a flight of stairs. This particular deleted scene would actually have been quite useful, in that it shows how Natasha and Yelena initially shook off Taskmaster’s tank. The dialogue between the two former Black Widows provides a timeline for Natasha’s previous actions in Budapest, revealing she was last in the city eight years ago. Given Black Widow is dated in 2016, that would mean Natasha joined SHIELD in 2008 – the same year Tony Stark outed himself as Iron Man, and (according to tie-in comics) T’Challa became the Black Panther in Wakanda. 2008 really was the year the MCU began. It’s rather a shame this was cut.


Every Corto Maltese Appearance in DC Movies & TV

Neill Blomkamp’s approach for District 10 is already avoiding mistakes he made with his post-District 9 movies. The possibility of making a sequel to the 2009 original sci-fi movie has been floated around for years. District 9 was a surprise hit for Blomkamp’s feature directorial debut, as it earned rave reviews, was recognized by the Academy Awards, and made more than $200 million worldwide.

Work on District 10 has continued more than a decade after the first film has been released, and details on what Blomkamp is planning have slowly come to light during that time. He intends to use the movie to focus on a different point in American history, likely to include other forms of social commentary that District 9 didn’t touch on. This is expected to include Wilkus (Sharlto Copley) and Christopher (Jason Cope) and the continuation of their story. As much excitement as there was for District 10 immediately after the first film’s release, some might be wary of returning to the world after Blomkamp’s post-District 9 work. But, it seems the director is already aiming to fix one of his potential mistakes.

Blomkamp’s approach for District 10 is making it as stripped-down and bare-bones as possible. He believes this is the better fit for him as a director and is currently working to keep the script in that state. This shows a rather conscious understanding on Blomkamp’s part of what went wrong with some of his post-District 9 movies. While both Elysium and Chappie have their defenders, neither of them was as well-received as District 9. One of the issues with both movies is the budgets, scale, and ideas growing too big. Now that Blomkamp is angling to return District 10 to a much smaller scale and budget, this could be key to his directorial efforts returning to the levels of his debut.

District 9 Movie Alien Spaceship
While Blomkamp is best known for Elysium and Chappie after District 9, the big-budget genre fare features aren’t all he’s been up to. He’s spent his time after Chappie making a series of sci-fi/horror short films on small budgets. These marked the beginning of Blomkamp’s return to the bare-bones approach he used for District 9. After finding some success again with these experimental shorts, it isn’t too surprising that the writer/director aims to replicate that success by using the same approach for District 10.

Blomkamp’s stripped-down mindset isn’t only a way to hopefully prevent District 10 from falling into similar pitfalls as Elysium and Chappie. This also represents him having a strong grasp on what is the right fit for the District 9 follow-up. The first film had a moderately sized $30 million budget, but that was much smaller in comparison to his other films. It would be tempting and easy to go bigger with District 10, as that is essentially the formula Hollywood follows when it comes to sequels. Blomkamp’s interest in keeping his District 9 sequel on the same level as the first film is a much better idea, as District 10 doesn’t need a massive budget and huge action set pieces to deliver something of the same caliber.