Dragon supply freighter docks at space station with 2.4 tons of cargo

Closing out a 31-hour flight from a launch pad in Florida, a SpaceX Cargo Dragon capsule autonomously docked with the International Space Station Monday, delivering experiments, supplies, and fresh food to the complex.

The automated cargo freighter linked up with the forward port of the space station’s Harmony module at 10:30 a.m. EDT (1430 GMT), making contact with the outpost as it sailed 264 miles (424 kilometers) over Western Australia.

A few minutes later, the cargo ship retracted its docking ring, allowing 12 hooks to drive closed, creating a firm mechanical connection between the Dragon and the space station.

“Hard capture complete, and another excellent Dragon docking complete,” radioed Leslie Ringo, spacecraft communicator at NASA’s mission control in Houston.

“Congratulations to NASA and the SpaceX teams, and many thanks. No one has ever sent me a spaceship for my birthday before. I appreciate it,” replied astronaut Megan McArthur from the space station.

McArthur celebrated her 50th birthday Wednesday. She and crewmate Shane Kimbrough monitored the Dragon capsule’s final approach two the space station, ready to send commands for the supply ship to abort its rendezvous in the event of an emergency.

The Cargo Dragon capsule carried treats, such as ice cream, cheese, and fruit, for the space station’s seven-person crew. McArthur tweeted later Monday that she enjoyed a birthday dinner with her crewmates.

“My space brothers went all out: quesadillas and tortilla-pizzas with real cheese! Cookie decorating! Cake with chocolate ‘candles’! We haven’t unpacked the ice cream yet, so I guess that means a second party?” she tweeted.

The Cargo Dragon capsule delivered 4,866 pounds (2,207 kilograms) of supplies and experiments. The mission, known as CRS-23, marks SpaceX’s 23rd resupply flight to the space station since 2012 under contract to NASA.

It is the third flight of an upgraded variant of SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship based the company’s human-rated capsule. It’s the second mission for this particular spacecraft, which previously flew to the station in December 2020.

Besides fresh food, the Dragon supply freighter delivered an array of technology demonstration, materials science, and biomedical experiments to the space station. The station astronauts plan to unpack more than a ton of science hardware from the Dragon spacecraft’s pressurized cabin.

They include a small robotic arm from GITAI Japan Inc., a Japanese company, to demonstrate in-space tasks that could lead to development of future robots to assist astronauts on long-duration space missions. The arm will run through its demonstrations, including switch and cable operations and in-space assembly experiments, inside the commercial Bishop airlock owned Nanoracks.

Some of the tasks will be autonomous, while others will be tele-operated from Nanoracks’ facility in Houston, according to GITAI.

“This technology demonstration is to show the world that the capabilities necessary for automation in space are finally available,” said Toyotaka Kozuki, GITAI Japan’s chief technology officer, in a statement. “It provides an inexpensive and safer source of labor in space, opening the door to the true commercialization of space.”

A SpaceX Cargo Dragon capsule approaches the International Space Station Monday. Credit: Thomas Pesquet/ESA/NASA
The mission also carries an experiment hosting package called the Faraday Research Facility. Developed by a Houston company named ProXops, the facility will be inserted by astronauts into one of the space station’s science racks.

On this flight, the facility carries an experiment from Houston Methodist Research Institute to test an implantable, remote-controlled drug delivery system. Scientists say the experiment could offer an alternative to bulky infusion pumps to help treat chronic conditions in patients on Earth.

NASA says the facility also hosts two educational experiments to be performed on the space station, including one with participation from a Girl Scout troop on the ground.

The Cargo Dragon also ferried samples to the space station for a NASA materials science experiment. The Materials International Space Station Experiment, or MISSE, investigations use a platform outside the complex to test the resilience of specimens in the harsh environment of low Earth.

NASA said the samples on the CRS-23 mission include tests of concrete, spacecraft materials, fiberglass composites, thin-film solar cells, radiation protection materials, and more.

There are also multiple CubeSats stowed inside the Cargo Dragon’s pressurized compartment. They will be robotically deployed outside the space station in the coming weeks and months.

The resupply mission launched aboard a Falcon 9 rocket Sunday at 3:14 a.m. EDT (0714 GMT) from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The Cargo Dragon capsule is expected to remain docked to the space station for more than a month. At the end of its mission, the spacecraft will undock and return to Earth with several tons of cargo for a parachute-assisted splashdown off the coast of Florida.,50478099.html


2021 Guaranteed Rate Skate America Live stream: How to watch Figure Skating Online free On 22-24 October, 2021

10 Secs….Today’s The 2021-22 Grand Prix of Figure Skating series kicks off Friday, Oct. 22 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and NBC has your viewing needs covered.


Three-time world champion Nathan Chen, undefeated since missing out on the men’s singles podium at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, headlines the competition field. He’s expected to be joined by fellow American Olympian Vincent Zhou, 2021 U.S. silver medalist Amber Glenn, U.S. pairs champions Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frazier, two-time ice dance Olympians Madison Chock and Evan Bates as well as three-time world medalists Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue.

Russian world bronze medalist Aleksandra Trusova highlights the international field.

Terry Gannon will handle play-by-play duties for the NBC and NBCSN broadcasts, joined by 1998 Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski and three-time U.S. champion Johnny Weir. On the ice dance side, 2006 Olympic silver medalist Tanith White will serve as the analyst, and Andrea Joyce will be reporting on site.

Peacock will air every skate — that’s every skater in each discipline — live throughout the competition. Coverage begins with Peacock’s Skate America Practice Cam, live starting on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 1 p.m. ET.

NBC Sports’ 2021 Guaranteed Rate Skate America Coverage Schedule
All times Eastern, check local listings, subject to change.

Date Coverage Begins Platform
Thurs., Oct 21 1 p.m. ET** Peacock (Live)
Fri., Oct 22 2 p.m. ET** Peacock (Live)
Fri., Oct. 22 9 p.m. ET Peacock (Live)
Fri., Oct. 22 9 p.m. ET NBCSN (Live)
Sat., Oct 23 11 a.m. ET** Peacock (Live)
Sat., Oct. 23 4:45 p.m. ET Peacock (Live)
Sat., Oct. 23 5:30 p.m. ET NBCSN (Live)
Sat., Oct. 23 9:15 p.m. ET Peacock (Live)
Sat., Oct. 23 10 p.m. ET NBCSN (Live)
Sun., Oct 24 11 a.m. ET** Peacock (Live)
Sun., Oct. 24 2:15 p.m. ET Peacock (Live)
Sun., Oct. 24 3 p.m. ET NBC (Live)
**Practice Cam coverage

Peacock is the exclusive streaming home U.S. Figure Skating and will stream coverage of every skate throughout the 2021-22 figure skating season. Earlier this month, NBC Sports and U.S. Figure Skating announced the schedule for the full season, including more than 175 hours of coverage from NBC Sports and Peacock in addition to the 2022 Winter Olympics.


How low can satellites go? VLEO entrepreneurs plan to find out

Skeyeon CEO Ron Reedy knew flying satellites at low altitudes could slash the cost of a constellation. He didn’t know if there were any showstoppers.

“I asked the team to prove it would not work, which is kind of backwards for an entrepreneur,” Reedy said. “After more than a year, they said, ‘Not only can’t we prove it won’t work, we think we proved it will work.’”

That was 2017. Since then, San Diego-based Skeyeon (pronounced sky-on) has been developing and testing key components for a constellation of small satellites to provide high-resolution daily Earth imagery from an altitude of about 250 kilometers.

Ron Reedy, CEO of Skeyeon. Credit: Skeyeon
Skeyeon isn’t alone in identifying the promise of orbits far below traditional Earth-imaging satellites. San Francisco-based Earth Observant and Albedo of Austin, Texas, also are raising money to send satellites to very low Earth orbit (VLEO).

Meanwhile, the European Union devoted 5.7 million euros ($6.7 million) to Discoverer, a Horizon 2020 research program aimed at a “radical redesign” of Earth observation satellites for low-altitude operations.

Why all the interest in VLEO? Satellite costs often rise with their altitude.

Moving close to an object of interest cuts the cost of telescope optics. Traveling close to ground stations reduces demand for radio power, cutting into requirements for large solar panels. For communications missions, lower orbits mean lower-latency data transfer. Plus, VLEO exposes satellites to less radiation, clearing the way for more off-the-shelf spacecraft components.

“None of this is easy, but the payback is potentially very significant if you can get these ideas to work,” said Peter Roberts, Discoverer scientific coordinator and the University of Manchester Aerospace Research Institute space theme lead.

Decreasing a satellite’s altitude from 650 kilometers to 160 kilometers leads “to a 64x reduction in radar RF power, 16x reduction in communications RF power and 4x reduction in optical aperture diameter to achieve the same performance,” Thales Alenia Space explained in a 2016 paper on Skimsats, the small satellites the French-Italian company designed for VLEO.

“To get higher resolution and still play in a smallsat world, your only option is to go lower,” said Scott Herman, Cognitive Space CEO and former BlackSky chief technology officer.

Preliminary design for Skeyeon Near Earth orbiter, a satellite designed to obtain imagery with a resolution of one meter per pixel from an altitude of 250 kilometers. Credit: Skeyeon
Of course, there are challenges associated with VLEO. Below an altitude of 450 kilometers, atmospheric drag will shorten a satellite’s lifespan unless onboard propulsion or an external force boosts it higher. (Cargo vehicles and onboard thrusters help the International Space Station, which resides around 400 kilometers, maintain its altitude.)

VLEO satellites have been flown before. The European Space Agency’s Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer spacecraft, called GOCE, remained at altitudes of 240-280 kilometers from 2009 to 2013 with the help of xenon-fueled electric thrusters.

Xenon also powered the electric thrusters that kept the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Super Low Altitude Test Satellite (SLATS) at an altitude of about 200 kilometers from 2017 to 2019.

Fortunately for small companies focused on VLEO, a variety of new lightweight electric thrusters are proving themselves in laboratories and on orbit. In addition, Germany’s University of Stuttgart Institute of Space Systems has Discoverer funding to test key technologies for Air-Breathing Electric Propulsion, a thruster that turns atmospheric particles into propellant for VLEO satellites.

And atmospheric drag isn’t all bad. It limits debris in VLEO and ensures satellites quickly reenter Earth’s atmosphere when they are no longer useful.

Artist’s concept of Thales Alenia Space Skimsat, a satellite designed to operate in VLEO. Credit: Thales Alenia Space
Unlike boxy satellites popular for higher orbits, VLEO satellites may be cylindrical or pointed like an arrowhead to reduce atmospheric drag.

The Aerospace Corp. sees VLEO as a promising application for DiskSat, a satellite shaped like a plate with onboard thrusters to keep it upright. As part of a DiskSat demonstration, Aerospace plans to perform sustained operations at altitudes as low as 250 kilometers, said Richard Welle, Aerospace Corp. senior scientist for Mission Systems Engineering.

Materials science also comes into play.

University of Manchester researchers are testing materials to reduce drag on the ground in their Rarefied Orbital Aerodynamics Research facility and in orbit onboard Satellite for Orbital Aerodynamics Research (SOAR), a Discoverer-funded cubesat deployed from ISS in June. SOAR is equipped with a spectrometer to measure atmospheric density and composition, and wind velocity. The three-unit cubesat also has fins that act like aircraft flight control surfaces.

“We’re interested in using control surfaces to perform some aerodynamic control maneuvers,” said Nicholas Crisp, Discoverer fellow in orbital aerodynamics and University of Manchester lecturer. “You might put different appendages on satellites to generate aerodynamic torques.”

Whatever materials limit drag also must prove resilient to high levels of atomic oxygen in VLEO.

An instrument onboard JAXA’s 400-kilogram SLATS measured atomic oxygen and monitored its effect on sample materials. Similar research is continuing in laboratories around the world.

“At one point, atomic oxygen looked like the killer problem,” Reedy said. However, Skeyeon later identified promising sample materials in a dedicated atomic oxygen test facility, which the company is now trying out on an exterior ISS platform.

Simulated 10-centimeter-per-pixel image to show the resolution of Albedo’s future constellation. Credit: Albedo
Satellite constellation operators are well aware of the benefits of VLEO.

Planet lowered the altitude of Earth-observation SkySats from 500 kilometers to 450 kilometers in 2019 to improve the resolution of SkySat imagery.

SpaceX revealed plans to send some 7,500 Starlink satellites to altitudes between 335 and 346 kilometers under a plan approved in 2018 by the Federal Communications Commission.

For future constellations, VLEO promises cost savings.

“It turns out altitude is a tremendous determining factor to cost,” Reedy said. “And cost is the determining factor for the numbers of satellites that you can put up.”

At $200,000 to $300,000 per satellite, a 100-satellite constellation to gather daily global imagery with a resolution of one meter per pixel would cost $20 million to $30 million.

Founders of Albedo, a startup focused on capturing Earth imagery with a resolution of 10 centimeters per pixel. Credit: Albedo
“It’s incredibly low cost, if that would get us daily re-imaging at one meter resolution for three years,” Reedy said.

Earth Observant is developing a VLEO Earth-imaging satellite with a 2020 U.S. Air Force Small Business Innovation Research contract. The contract funds work on a satellite capable of collecting 25-centimeter-resolution imagery and transferring data “directly to the warfighter” in minutes, according to an abstract posted on the website.

“VLEO can enable Earth observation at a fraction of the cost,” said Christopher Thein, Earth Observant co-founder and CEO. “There’s huge potential because people want higher-resolution data.”

Albedo CEO Topher Haddad wasn’t focused on VLEO until he started looking for a way to obtain Earth imagery with a resolution of 10 centimeters per pixel. The first step was figuring out “how low can we fly,” Haddad said.

Haddad isn’t ready to share the answer, but the startup has raised $10 million for a constellation of refrigerator-size satellites to gather electro-optical imagery with 10-centimeter resolution and thermal imagery with two-meter resolution.

Companies like Airbus Defence and Space, BlackSky, Capella Space, Iceye, Maxar Technologies, Planet and Satellogic already collect extensive Earth imagery with satellites in traditional low-Earth and geostationary orbits. Still, the current market doesn’t satisfy everyone.

A rancher who contacted Skeyeon, for example, was unable to find affordable, daily one-meter-resolution imagery showing his cattle gathering at dozens of watering holes.

New VLEO constellations may fill that type of new niche if they succeed in raising money for new constellations and tackling the various technological challenges.

“A lot of the issue with very low Earth orbit generally is moving the mindset of people who are more conventional in terms of low-Earth orbit satellites and proving there are definite benefits here and the problems aren’t insurmountable,” Roberts said.,50297559.html


Crackstreams! Cowboys vs Texas Live Streaming Free Game Buffstreaming

How to watch No. 12 Oklahoma State vs. No. 25 Texas via live online stream, The Oklahoma State Cowboys and Texas Longhorns face off on Saturday, October 16th. Here’s how to watch the matchup. The No. 12 Oklahoma State Cowboys and No. 25 Texas Longhorns meet up in Week 7 at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas. Kickoff is set for 12 p.m. ET and the game will air on FOX. Oklahoma State will look to move inside the top 10, while Texas will try to move on and forget last weekend’s game ever happened.

ஜ ۩۞۩ ஜ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ஜ ۩۞۩ ஜ

Watch Now :: Cowboys vs. Texas live

ஜ ۩۞۩ ஜ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ஜ ۩۞۩ ஜ

Texas vs. Oklahoma State: Prediction, pick, football game odds, spread, live stream, TV channel, watch online
The Longhorns hope to win their game against a ranked opponent of the

On the heels of its devastating loss to No. 4 Oklahoma, No. 25 Texas is on a mission to bounce back in its second straight matchup against a ranked team, hosting No. 12 Oklahoma State in an early matchup Saturday. The Longhorns surrendered the biggest lead in the history of the Red River Showdown against the Sooners, blowing a 21-point lead in a 55-48 loss. Texas sits at 4-2 with both losses coming against ranked opponents.

The Cowboys are one of eight remaining undefeated programs left in the Power Five and 13 in the FBS. After struggling in nonconference play and winning three matchups by a combined 13 points, Oklahoma State has found its rhythm in conference play against Kansas State and Baylor – both of which were ranked at the time – and held the Bears to just 280 yards and 3.7 yards per carry.

Texas holds a 26-9 advantage all-time against Oklahoma State and has won two straight games. However, Oklahoma State holds a 7-4 advantage over the past decade with three of the four losses coming by just one score.

Texas vs. Oklahoma State: Need to know

Big 12 title implications: This matchup could have a pivotal impact in the conference title race. Six Big 12 teams are sitting tight with one loss or fewer in conference play, meaning the race for the Big 12 Championship Game will be fierce. An Oklahoma State win would give it a tiebreaker over Texas, while a Longhorns would keep them within striking distance of the top spot with an easier schedule on the back end.

Stingy defense: Oklahoma State is known for its high-flying offenses under coach Mike Gundy, but the defense has become the premier unit for the Cowboys. The Cowboys hold teams to just 305.2 yards and 18.6 points per game, trailing only Iowa State among Big 12 teams. Oklahoma State has playmakers at every level and are as well positioned to counter Texas’ playmakers as anyone.

Capitalizing on talent: When Steve Sarkisian took over at Texas, he mentioned being comfortable leaning on top talent. So far, the Longhorns have reaped the benefits. Through six games, star running back Bijan Robinson has already touched the ball 136 times, 35 more instances than he touched the ball than the entire 2020 season. Against OU, freshman receiver Xavier Worthy had nine catches for 261 yards and 2 touchdowns. Keeping the game simple is part of why the offense has improved dramatically despite losing playmakers to the NFL.

How to watch Texas vs. Oklahoma State live

Date: Saturday, Oct. 16 | Time: 12 p.m. ET
Location: Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium — Austin, Texas
TV: Fox | Live stream: fuboTV (Try for free)

Texas vs. Oklahoma State prediction, picks

Texas has put up big offensive numbers but struggled in the trenches against better competition. Oklahoma State is built to muck up the game and cause trouble for fast-paced offenses. For Texas to win this game, its defense has to step up and make plays, which has been a problem all season. Coming off a bye week, the Cowboys should be healthy and prepared to take advantage of UT’s miscues, especially after the Longhorns’ emotional loss to OU. Prediction: Oklahoma State (+5.5)


We are being given the opportunity that women have been looking for

When Zamalloa started off as a porter, she doubted her ability. The night before her first trek she didn’t sleep. To top it off, she felt ill when she showed up for her first day of work, either from food poisoning or nerves – or both.

“I didn’t think she was going to make it,” Góngora said. “She was throwing up.”

“I said, ‘Yes, I’m going to make it,'” Zamalloa said firmly. The profession had been male-only until the year before she was hired. Knowing the significance of what she was doing, and how it could help her life, she refused to give up.

And she didn’t. For four days she dug deep, carrying a heavy pack along the tortuous trail and fighting her unhappy stomach. Typically shy, she found that she enjoyed meeting new people and developing friendships with her fellow porters. She since has been promoted to assistant tour guide and is studying English to become a fully-fledged tour guide.

When women first started working on the trail in 2017, they encountered resistance from men who questioned their abilities – and their very presence. “At the beginning, guys judged me for being a woman, thinking I wouldn’t be able to do the trek. They made me doubt my abilities, and that was hard at first,” Zamalloa said. “Then I realised I could, and that has made me stronger.”

There also has been some grumbling over women porters carrying less weight than men (15kg to the men’s 20kg) while earning the same wage (915 soles ($233; ₤168) a month for 16 days of work, plus an extra 398 soles ($101; ₤73) in tips.

But little by little, as the appearance of women guides and porters has become more prevalent along the Inca Trail, acceptance is growing.

Porters carry heavy packs of supplies and clients’ personal items between campsites, set up camp and prepare meals (Credit: Evolution Treks Peru)
Porters carry heavy packs of supplies and clients’ personal items between campsites, set up camp and prepare meals (Credit: Evolution Treks Peru)

“We are being given the opportunity that women have been looking for, to end discrimination,” said Evolution Treks porter and chef Silvia Flor Gallegos Flores. “To show the world that women are equal in a man’s job, not just on the Inca Trail, but in anything else. We have the mental and physical ability to complete those jobs. We’re more than what we’ve been taught.”

Flores dreams of becoming a lead guide and one day owning her own business. “I want to be completely independent,” she said. “I don’t want to depend on anyone else.”

We are being given the opportunity that women have been looking for, to end discrimination
This push to redefine Peruvian women’s role in society is not confined to Evolution Treks.

“We are forcing our competitors to do the same,” Góngora said. “We are forcing a conversation around women’s issues, inclusion, discrimination. It’s going to change the approach that tourists will have for tourism, and not only here in Peru. We want to inspire other people in other parts of the world to take on our initiative.”

What are other companies doing for women? “As far as I know, not much,” Tuesta said. A lot of work remains to be done.

In the meantime, Zamalloa, Flores and 16 other women porters and guides are making history on the Inca Trail, treading their way forward on the same polished stones once reserved for the revered – male – Inca emperor. And after every trek, Zamalloa returns to her mum, grateful she can support them both.

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Popular Malaysian islands of Langkawi reopening to tourism

Businesses at Malaysia’s prime holiday destination are gearing up to welcome the return of tourists this week, as the country takes an early step towards recovery from a devastating coronavirus crisis.
Langkawi, a cluster of 99 islands in the Straits of Malacca, will reopen from September 16 to fully vaccinated travelers as part of a domestic tourism bubble, with strict protocols in place to thwart the spread of the coronavirus.
Related content
Jet Ski tours are the coolest way to see Langkawi
Restaurant owner Esther Lee said she was excited the bubble was finally being launched.
“Finally we can welcome customers and this is actually our main source of income to actually survive,” she said.
“We have like staff under us, we have overhead costs to bear so we definitely need dining customers.”
The plan is similar to that introduced in Thailand, which started with the July reopening of Phuket, 220 km (137 miles) north of Langkawi, to vaccinated foreign tourists. Malaysia has yet to invite foreign tourists to return.
Like Phuket, Langkawi, known for its beaches, geoparks, bird life and rock formations, is not expecting huge numbers initially, with 400,000 visitors targeted by the end of the year and estimated revenues of 165 million ringgit ($39.66 million).
“We still do not want congestion even though we need a high number. What is important is that we can control the tourists to ensure their compliance,” said Tuan Nasaruddin Abdul Muttalib, head of the Langkawi development authority.
Related content
Why Phuket’s ‘Sandbox’ pilot project matters to other islands in Asia
Malaysia has recorded 2 million coronavirus cases overall among its 32 million population, one of Asia’s highest per-capita infection rates, with more than 20,000 deaths.
Its vaccination program has progressed faster than its neighbors, with more than half the population inoculated, in the hope of a quicker return to normalcy.
“A big sign of relief, the team is ready, everybody is very happy to welcome you know, our local tourists again,” said Arnaud Girodon, general manager of luxury resort The Datai Langkawi.
“We can’t wait to see them back.”,50126467.html


Emma Raducanu says she needs to cut herself ‘some slack’

Britain’s new sporting hero Emma Raducanu, who stunned the tennis world when she won the US Open in September, experienced that losing feeling as she was beaten 6-2 6-4 by Aliaksandra Sasnovich in the Indian Wells tournament’s second round on Friday.

Playing in her first match since her Flushing Meadows triumph, the 18-year-old Raducanu won the opening game but then struggled against world No. 100 Sasnovich.
Emma Raducanu of Great Britain shows her dejection during her straight sets defeat by Aliaksandra Sasnovich of Belarus.
Emma Raducanu of Great Britain shows her dejection during her straight sets defeat by Aliaksandra Sasnovich of Belarus.
“There is going to be disappointment after any loss,” Raduca
nu told reporters after her 10-match winning streak came to an end.
“Going into the match I didn’t put any pressure on myself because in my mind I am so inexperienced. I am 18 years old. I need to cut myself some slack.
“You could tell she was more experienced than me and she went out there and executed her game plan better than I did.”
Sasnovich hit 17 winners and 9 unforced errors, while Raducanu had 31 unforced errors.
Raducanu plays a backhand volley against Sasnovich.
Raducanu plays a backhand volley against Sasnovich.
Emma Raducanu grabs her racket bag ready to walk off court after her straight sets defeat against Aliaksandra Sasnovich at the Indian Wells tournament.
Emma Raducanu grabs her racket bag ready to walk off court after her straight sets defeat against Aliaksandra Sasnovich at the Indian Wells tournament.
READ: The Queen praises Emma Raducanu’s ‘outstanding’ US Open victory
“I really enjoy playing here,” said Sasnovich, who will now face Simona Halep. “Emma just won the US Open and I lost there in the first round. So it was a little bit different.”
Raducanu won the US Open in an extraordinary run in which she didn’t drop a set.
The 18-year-old then split with coach Andrew Richardson, who had accompanied Raducanu for the US Open, coaching the Briton on her remarkable journey to the grand slam title.
Sasnovich returns a shot Raducanu. The 27-year Belarusian reached a career-high No.30 in 2018.
Sasnovich returns a shot Raducanu. The 27-year Belarusian reached a career-high No.30 in 2018.
Raducanu said she was now looking for a more experienced coach and at Indian Wells she worked with LTA women’s senior national coach Jeremy Bates.
“Jeremy is part of women’s tennis at the LTA, so while he’s here he’s helping me out,” Raducanu said.
“Going forward, I’m just going to wait and try to find the right person.”
Emma Raducanu poses for photographers upon arrival for the World premiere of the new film from the James Bond franchise ‘No Time To Die’, in London, on Sept. 28, 2021.
Emma Raducanu poses for photographers upon arrival for the World premiere of the new film from the James Bond franchise ‘No Time To Die’, in London, on Sept. 28, 2021.
READ: Tennis’ newest superstar Emma Raducanu celebrates return to UK by playing with Duchess of Cambridge
Raducanu became the first qualifier ever — man or woman — to win a grand slam title, having entered the tournament ranked 150th in the world.
“I am glad what happened today happened so I can learn and take it as a lesson,” said Raducanu. “She’s got more experience than me. She has been 4-2 down hundreds of times.
“It is my third WTA tournament this year. Just got to not rush it and get my head back to the drawing board.”–uimgnwuvgt6q 


Fury v Joshua bout unlikely to happen, says promoter Warren

Anthony Joshua’s stunning defeat to Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk means there is unlikely to be a world heavyweight unification fight between Britons Joshua and Tyson Fury, promoter Frank Warren said.

Joshua was unable to counter the superior boxing skills of Usyk as he suffered his second professional defeat to lose his WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO titles at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium over the weekend.
“I don’t see it happening now,” WBC titleholder Fury’s promoter Warren told the BBC.
“The unification fight was there, such a big fight. Heartbreaking.”
‘Maybe, he wasn’t the problem. Maybe, I was’: How Muhammad Ali stayed true to himself on his path to becoming an icon
‘Maybe, he wasn’t the problem. Maybe, I was’: How Muhammad Ali stayed true to himself on his path to becoming an icon
A rematch against Usyk would give Joshua the chance to win back his belts but Warren said the “vulnerable” Londoner would be no match for Fury even if they did fight.
“Usyk is a good fighter, he boxed extremely well. But Joshua is so vulnerable. He’s been like that for ages,” he added.
“They can talk all they want about rematches … Even if he was to beat Usyk, what is Tyson Fury going to do to Joshua? You would have your house on Tyson beating him.”
READ: ‘The razzmatazz is important,’ says Eddie Hearn
Fury faces Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas next month after signing a contract to fight the American for a third time.–uimgnwuvgt6q


NBA-Curry praises Lakers star James for longevity in NBA

(Reuters) – Four-time NBA champion LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has set the standard for longevity in the league as the 36-year-old entered his 19th season, Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry said.

The 17-time All-Star James picked up his fourth NBA Finals MVP title last year after helping the Lakers win the championship over the Miami Heat, adding another accolade to his dazzling career.

Curry, who faced James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for four straight years in the NBA Finals from 2015 to 2018, heaped praise on James.

“He set the standard for that,” Curry said before Friday’s preseason game against the Lakers, which the Warriors won 121-114.

“Nine straight Finals, all the things that he’s accomplished. You have a vision of sustaining your prime for as long as you can, kind of re-imagining what that looks like.

“So you know the work that goes into it, especially in the off-seasons, especially how you take care of your body, your mind. Balance on court, off court.”

Two-time MVP Curry said James started attending his games while the Warriors star was still playing for Davidson College in North Carolina in 2008.

“For me, it’s a weird perspective just because I still remember my college days and he was just coming into his prime in the league,” Curry said.

“And my sophomore year, (NCAA) tournament run he came to a game, then came to a game my junior year. This is hilarious. I still have a jersey that he signed back in ’08 in my parents’ house back in Charlotte.

“So it’s kind of weird to think about what’s happened in the last 13, 14 years.”

The 2021-2022 NBA regular season will begin on Oct. 19.

(Reporting by Manasi Pathak in Bengaluru; Editing by William Mallard)


MLB roundup: Logan Webb, Giants silence Dodgers in NLDS Game 1

Logan Webb made a splashy postseason debut Friday night, striking out 10 in 7 2/3 innings and leading the host San Francisco Giants to a 4-0 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 1 of the National League Division Series.

Buster Posey hit a two-run home run in the first inning and Kris Bryant and Brandon Crawford added solo shots for the Giants, whose 107-win regular season earned them the home-field advantage in the best-of-five series against the 106-win Dodgers.

Webb (1-0), who went unbeaten in his last 20 regular-season starts, limited the Dodgers to five hits in his longest outing of the season. He did not walk a batter.

Dodgers starter Walker Buehler gave up three runs on six hits and a walk in 6 1/3 innings. He struck out five. Will Smith and Mookie Betts collected two hits apiece for the Dodgers.

Astros 9, White Sox 4

Yordan Alvarez delivered the go-ahead RBI single and Kyle Tucker hit a two-run homer to cap a five-run seventh inning for host Houston, which beat Chicago to take a 2-0 lead in the American League Division Series.

Only 10 baseball teams have come back from an 0-2 deficit to win a best-of-five series. Tucker drove in three runs, and Yuli Gurriel and Jose Correa knocked in two apiece for the Astros.

Tim Anderson and Luis Roberts each had three hits for the White Sox. Winning pitcher Ryne Stanek (1-0) dodged a walk and a single in a scoreless seventh inning. Losing pitcher Aaron Bummer (0-1) gave up three runs on three hits in one-third of an inning.

Red Sox 14, Rays 6

J.D. Martinez hit a tiebreaking three-run homer in the fifth inning and collected four hits in his return to action as Boston routed Tampa Bay in Game 2 of the American League Division Series in St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Red Sox leveled the series at a game apiece behind 20 hits, including five from Enrique Hernandez, tying the all-time postseason record.

After Red Sox starter Chris Sale exited after allowing five runs in the first inning, Tanner Houck (1-0) surrendered just one run in five innings. Jordan Luplow hit a grand slam in the Rays’ big first inning. Collin McHugh (0-1), the second Rays pitcher, allowed three runs in 1 2/3 inning.

Brewers 2, Braves 1

Rowdy Tellez snapped a scoreless tie with a two-run home run in the seventh inning to lift host Milwaukee over Atlanta in the first game of their National League Division Series.

Braves starter Charlie Morton (0-1), who had allowed just two hits through six innings, hit Avisail Garcia with a pitch to open the seventh. Tellez, who was on the injured list from Sept. 12-Oct. 1 with a right patellar strain, then drove a 1-2 pitch 411 feet to right-center.

Pinch hitter Joc Pederson brought the Braves within 2-1 with an opposite-field homer to left with two outs in the eighth off Adrian Houser, who had retired the first five hitters he faced. Houser (1-0) got the victory after starter Corbin Burnes pitched six scoreless innings, allowing two hits and three walks while striking out six.

–Field Level Media