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China and Eritrea voted against the measure

several regions around the Ukrainian capital that were temporarily held by Russian troops UN focuses human rights inquiry in Ukraine Russia-Ukraine live news: UN sets up rights abuses’ inquiry UN Rights Council approves probe into alleged Russian abuses

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Members of the council voted 33 to two on Thursday in favour of a resolution brought forward by Kyiv to order a Commission of Inquiry to probe alleged atrocities in

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine The vote on Thursday at a special session of the council passed a resolution urging the commission’s investigators to focus their efforts on incidents near Kyiv as well as the regions of Chernihiv Kharkiv and Sumy all of which were occupied by Russian forces

The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday (May 12) passed a resolution by a strong majority setting up an investigation into allegations of rights abuses by Russian troops in parts of Ukraine formerly under their control

unhindered timely immediate unrestricted and safe access” to people who have been transferred from Ukraine to Russia or areas controlled by Russian forces or affiliates

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