May 20, 2022

Russian navy ship ‘on fire’ in Black Sea Ukrainian forces have set a Russian navy logistics ship on fire in the Black Sea it has been claimedWhite House Supports Finland Sweden NATO

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unable to independently verify the reportA Russian logistics ship caught fire after after being struck in the Black Sea forcing it to return to port according to a Ukrainian official

The UN Human Rights Council voted to move forward with an investigation into potential war crimes around Kyiv Thursday
Russian forces continue attacking the Donbas and other cities in Ukraine

Ukraine officials are working on negotiations to evacuate wounded fighters from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol

Vsevolod Bobrov was apparently hit off the coast of Snake Island and was left “limping” back to Sevastopol However Bratchuk said that “the information [on the ship being towed to Sevastopol] is yet to be clarified” adding “But the fact that she suffered a ‘snake bite’ in the area of ​​Snake Island is true

The development comes as the Kremlin threatened to take “retaliatory

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