Black Widow: All Easter Eggs, MCU Connections & Hidden Details

Marvel’s Black Widow is now available for digital release, and here’s all you need to know about the film’s nine deleted scenes. Set during the end of Captain America: Civil War, Cate Shortland’s Black Widow introduced viewers to Natasha Romanoff’s first family – and set up the future of the Black Widow franchise.

While Black Widow was released on Disney+’s Premier Access model, that didn’t include any deleted scenes. Marvel has saved those for the digital and home releases, which feature eight deleted scenes and an alternate ending. It’s always fascinating to get a look at Marvel’s deleted scenes, to figure out how the story would have been subtly different had they been kept. .

In some cases, it’s easy to see why Black Widow’s were cut, because they don’t add much to the story; others should really have been kept, while the alternate ending is far stronger than the one Marvel ultimately went with. So here’s a guide to all Black Widow’s deleted scenes, along with an assessment of how they would have affected the film’s overarching narrative.

Grocery Shopping

The first Black Widow deleted scene, called “Grocery Shopping,” is a brief clip that shows Natasha hiding out in Norway. She pays a visit to a grocery store, before traveling back to her safe house; the store’s radio happens to be running a news bulletin talking about Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff being on the run. It’s clearly intended to serve as a reminder of just how committed the world’s security forces are to tracking Black Widow down, while the shots of Norway’s scenery are absolutely stunning. Ultimately, though, this doesn’t add anything essential to the film’s plot, and it would simply have slowed the pace down. It’s easy to see why “Grocery Shopping” was cut.

Black widow wasted Taskmaster Fighting abilities
The “Smile” deleted scene is an extended version of Taskmaster’s introduction, and it serves to set up the scale of General Dreykov’s ongoing Black Widow operation before showing Taskmaster studying footage from Natasha in Captain America: Civil War. It was probably intended to emphasize the idea Taskmaster has been studying the Avengers for some time, while Dreykov’s access to security camera footage from the airport battle underscores his power and influence. Again, this is a sensible cut, as it doesn’t add much to the story and simply slows the pace. The Black Widows would be explored far more effectively in the film’s third act.

Bike Chase
Black Widow Budapest
Another very short clip, “Bike Chase” is a slight extension of the scene where Natasha and Yelena attempt to escape Taskmaster and her Black Widows; Natasha drives the bike into what Yelena dubs a “cage,” with the Avenger complaining the building wasn’t there eight years ago when Black Widow was last in Budapest – before driving up a flight of stairs. This particular deleted scene would actually have been quite useful, in that it shows how Natasha and Yelena initially shook off Taskmaster’s tank. The dialogue between the two former Black Widows provides a timeline for Natasha’s previous actions in Budapest, revealing she was last in the city eight years ago. Given Black Widow is dated in 2016, that would mean Natasha joined SHIELD in 2008 – the same year Tony Stark outed himself as Iron Man, and (according to tie-in comics) T’Challa became the Black Panther in Wakanda. 2008 really was the year the MCU began. It’s rather a shame this was cut.